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3 Unusual Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Auto Glass

When thinking about the reasons why they may need to call an auto glass repair company, most people will probably imagine a scenario in which a rock or stone is kicked up by the car in front of them, striking their windshield and cracking or shattering the glass. However, this isn't the only way the glass in your car can be broken. Below is a guide to 3 unusual threats to your windshield.

Bird Strike 

While birds are known to pose a serious threat to aircraft, what is less well known is that they can also cause significant damage to the windshield of your car. If you are driving at speed when a bird flies across the road, it can quite easily break through the glass. In 2015, a woman driving in Ireland had her windshield completely smashed when she collided with a swan. Thankfully, she was not hurt, but the windshield did need replacing.

Vandals Dropping Things From Bridges

Unfortunately, dropping rocks and other items from bridges which pass over highways appears to be becoming a growing trend amount young people. Items dropped from a height onto a moving car will typically smash any auto glass that it hits. At best, this will result in a cracked windshield or window, but in the worse case scenario, it could lead to the window breaking completely. Injury can be caused by both the broken glass and the object itself as it enters the interior of the car. In September 2017, there was a spate of these attacks in New Zealand, and it is feared that they could also occur in Australia.

Electrical Fault

At first, it may seem difficult to see how a problem with your car's electrical system could lead to a windshield failure. The rear window on most cars is fitted with a very fine electrical wire runs across the surface of the glass. When the in-car heating is turned on, an electrical current runs along this wire and warms the glass, keeping it free from frost so you can see clearly out of it. However, if your vehicle develops an electrical fault, the window heater may overheat. If this occurs, the glass will get extremely hot. The heat will cause the glass to expand and push against the frame until it suddenly shatters.

By registering yourself with an auto glass repair company, you can ensure that you receive roadside assistance if any of these events occur while you are driving your car.