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Vehicle Tuning: Why Your Car's Exhaust Could Be Even More Important Than Its Engine

When it comes to vehicle performance, does your mind automatically turn to engine tuning, to see just how many horses you can coax out of your motor? At the same time, do you consider that the exhaust on your vehicle is simply something that takes out the rubbish, so to speak, with very little input into this equation? Perhaps you should think again and consider custom exhaust fabrication for your vehicle, which together with a few other related upgrades could really set you on the right path. How should you change your mindset?

Turbo Cooling Efficiency

Firstly, remember that an exhaust is not simply a component that evacuates gases; its design is critically important when it comes to how much air is allowed to go into and out of the engine and therefore how efficient the combustion process is. Begin by looking at your vehicle's turbocharger and see if you can make some relatively simple but nevertheless important upgrades there. However, don't forget about the all-important intercooler, which must work diligently in order to cool down the air that enters the turbocharger in the first place. If you upgrade this unit, then the turbo will breathe more deeply, creating more speed and better output from the engine.

Enlarging the Converter

Next, have a look at the catalytic converter, which will invariably be fitted into the exhaust system in order to filter fumes and cut back on air pollution. You may not realise it, but you don't have to stick to the unit that was initially plumbed in by the manufacturer and are allowed to fit a high-performance unit that has more capacity than standard. When you do so, fumes will be able to exit through the exhaust more easily and you won't have much of a bottleneck, which will in turn release some more of those horses.

Repurposing the Silencer

As far as the exhaust itself is concerned, consider installing a high-performance silencer, as the standard units can also become a bottleneck and push back the dirty air instead of releasing it. When you do so, your vehicle will still be legal as far as its engine "note" is concerned, but its new sound may turn out to be music to your ears if you are an aficionado.

Where You Should Start

Have a word with your supplier to see how they can upgrade your exhaust system and all associated peripherals before you even think about retuning the motor.