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Important Questions to Ask When Visiting a Wrecking Yard

A wrecker or wrecking yard is a great resource for finding car parts, either to save money versus the cost of new parts, or because you need something old, rare, or otherwise hard to find on store shelves. Visiting a wrecking yard is a bit different than visiting such a store, so note a few questions you might ask before you actually stop at such a location, to ensure it's the right place for finding certain parts, and to ensure you have the easiest time finding those parts as well!

Ask about age restrictions

Because a wrecking yard will often have loose parts and car body shells on their lot, the lot can be a bit dangerous for children who may see the yard as an opportunity for play. Many wrecking yards will then have age restrictions, but this may vary from yard to yard; some may not allow anyone under 18, whereas others may allow someone younger on their lot, perhaps if accompanied by an adult. Whatever the case, always ask before heading out with your own child in tow.

Ask how to find certain car parts

Don't assume that a wrecker will leave you to your own devices when it comes to finding a car part, or that their lots are just disorganized junk. Many wrecking yards will use computer programs to itemize parts they pull from cars, and will have the yard organized by car make or brand, year, type of part, and so on. They may even have kiosks with directions to areas of the lot where certain parts can be found. If you've never visited a wrecking yard before, ask if they have such assistance available, and especially if the part you need may be rare and difficult to find, so you don't waste time trying to pick through the lot on your own.

Ask what tools you're allowed

Most wrecking yards will allow standard household or garage tools, but may not allow shears, torches, power saws, and other such dangerous tools on their lot. You may not even need these items, as many wrecking yards will pull parts off car bodies and shells once they arrive on the lot! They also may not allow wheelbarrows and other such pieces, but may provide loading of parts onto your truck for you. If you need a very large part, ask if you can bring a hand truck or wheelbarrow, or what assistance they provide with loading the part onto your vehicle after it's been purchased.