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Ready to Take Your New Car to the Victoria Roadways? Here's What You Should Know About Roadworthy Inspections!

If you're planning to buy a new (or just new to you) vehicle in Victoria soon, you may want to learn more about roadworthy inspections. Victoria regulations require that whenever a vehicle transfers into new ownership, whether it's sold brand new or as a used vehicle, a roadworthy inspection must be performed. Here's what you need to know about roadworthy inspections prior to your next vehicle purchase in Victoria. 

Who Can do the Roadworthy Inspection?

Victoria regulations state that roadworthy inspections may only be performed by a licensed vehicle tester. Whilst there are many different licensed vehicle testers to choose from, the burden of this choice likely won't be on you as the buyer -- the vehicle seller is usually the one to choose the tester (and to pay for the inspection, as well.)

What Does the Roadworthy Inspection Cover?

Roadworthy inspections in Victoria include the following. 

Does a Roadworthy Inspection Mean a Vehicle is Reliable?

Actually, a roadworthy test is a legal requirement that evaluates certain components of the vehicle -- but it doesn't mean the vehicle is necessarily a reliable one. A roadworthy test doesn't check things such as: 

Remember, a roadworthy inspection can be a good indicator that your new vehicle is safe and that it meets legal requirements. However, to check out its mechanical reliability or its overall condition, you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic prior to the the purchase. 

Ready to purchase your next vehicle in Victoria? Review the information about roadworthy inspections above to make sure that you -- and your vehicle -- are properly prepared to take to the roadways soon!