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Three things to think about when buying side tippers

For a huge range of industries side tippers are necessary part of getting the job done. They help bridge the gap between transportation of goods, for example coal, without requiring you to have a crane to lift and place valuable products. If you're looking at side tippers for sale, you may be slightly overwhelmed by the choice on the market, particularly if you're also happy to buy used side tippers. Working your way through this complicated marketplace can be tough, especially if you are working to a tight budget, to a tight deadline for your next job or putting together a permanent fleet. 

There are lots of brands which are suited to the sometimes harsh Australian climate conditions however, so you can be sure that whether you are navigating urban streets or transporting mining goods in tough terrain, there is an option on the market for you. Here are three things to think about to get you started finding side tippers for sale.

Buy used or buy new

Side tippers for sale are rarely a cheap option, and this is even more true if you are planning on buying direct from the manufacturer or dealer. Instead, you might want to consider second hand side tippers for sale, as they will be a more cost effective option. However, you must make sure you have them thoroughly checked out by a specialist industrial mechanic, who will provide a quality check to make sure your side tipper will be up to the challenge. For those on a very tight budget, you could also explore the option of buying side tippers for sale at an auction, often alongside other industrial vehicles, this is more of a risk, but you might just pick up a gem along the way. 

Capacity, size and application

The capacity and size of your requirements is an easy starting place when evaluating side tippers for sale. You should have a rough idea of the projects you'll be using the vehicle on, and so be able to approach dealers with a good idea of the vehicles you will need. After this however, you also need to think a little more about the 'tipping' part. Do you need to be able to tip off both sides, or just one? Tip sideways, or tip backwards? These could put you into a tricky situation later, so get your requirements sorted now.

Warranty and repair

As you are not leasing your vehicle, you will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of it. Be sure you check side tippers for sale which come with warranty and repair plans, as well as buying the necessary insurance before putting the tipper to use.