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How to Transform Your Ute From a Security Point of View

Theft is a difficult problem to address across Australia and is considered a huge challenge for professional tradies who need to carry tools and equipment in the back of their vehicle. But with margins being so tight and replacement costs so high, it is crucial to take steps wherever possible to avoid becoming a new statistic. If you're worried about how a theft would affect your livelihood, what steps can you take to protect yourself?

Everyday Challenge

When it comes to vehicle theft, many of these "bad guys" may be opportunists. They may prowl the streets to look for likely targets, and if the door is open, they will make off with whatever's inside. Of course, it would be much harder for them to succeed if the vehicle is kept locked at all times, but many tradies drive around in utes these days, which can present an even bigger risk.


When these vehicles roll off the production line, they typically come in basic form. They have an open bed to appeal to a variety of different customer segments who can modify them as they see fit. However, they will pose no problem to a brazen thief who can help themselves to whatever is in the bed while the owner is working hard inside a property.

Hard Lid

In this case, there's only one really practical approach: to fit a hard lid. These custom-made solutions are designed to deter even the most determined robber, and they will definitely rule out those opportunists. After all, they won't be able to see what is in the back of the ute and will simply move on to look for other easy pickings.


The best hard lids are made from solid fibreglass and will blend in with the rest of the truck from a design aesthetic. In short, they won't look out of place but will actually give the vehicle a more professional appearance that will fit in with your brand appeal.


These days, you can also buy aftermarket lids that have an integrated central locking system. This means you won't need to fumble around with a separate key but can use the standard key you received on day one.


When you fit a fibreglass hard lid, you keep your tools and equipment dry and away from the elements. These products are watertight and much better than a standard tarp, especially in the dead of winter.

Take Action Today

Don't risk your livelihood for another minute. Get in touch with a hard lid supplier, and they can provide you with a solution for your ute, such as HSP ute bed lids.