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Reducing Heavy Haulage Costs: A Beginner's Guide

Transporting heavy equipment for the first time can be challenging. From identifying the right heavy haulage company to acquiring necessary permits and selecting pick-up and drop-off locations, many things can go wrong if you don't know what to do. Typically, heavy haulage services can be expensive. Therefore, you can easily go over your budget if you don't plan carefully. Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep your heavy haulage costs reasonably low. This piece looks into some of these ways.

Use Local Companies

Distance is one of the primary determinants of your heavy haulage costs. Many heavy haulage companies consider transport costs when making their quotes. For instance, do you need to move a bulldozer or crane to your construction site? It would be best if you rented or sourced this heavy equipment and machinery from a company closer to your site. That way, you can be assured of spending less on hauling the equipment to your project site.

Give Full Disclosure To The Haulers

It will also help if you disclose as much information as possible to the heavy haulers regarding your cargo. Doing this will enable them to provide you with a more accurate hauling quote. It also allows them to plan for efficient shipping. Failing to provide all the information can result in extra costs you hadn't budgeted. For instance, strict laws exist in many locations regarding heavy equipment transport. For instance, some areas have legal limits regarding cargo dimensions. Therefore, oversized shipments that are bigger than the legal dimensions would typically require permits. That means you'd be liable for penalties and fines if you don't disclose the correct dimensions of your shipment to the haulers.

Other critical details you must disclose to the haulers include your shipment type, weight, pick-up and drop-off points, and delivery requirements. If your shipment requires special handling, it will also be helpful to inform the heavy haulers beforehand.

Prep Your Shipment

Readying your shipment before the heavy haulers arrive can also ensure you don't spend extra money on haulage. Whether it's packing and disassembling the equipment or another form of preparation, ensure the equipment is ready to go when the heavy haulers arrive. Doing this will save time loading the shipment at pick up, resulting in significant cost savings. Generally, delays can mean extra costs because they affect the transportation schedule.

Book Early

Planning and booking early can also help you save money. Some heavy haulage companies charge more for last-minute tasks because of the short time needed for planning. Therefore, you can avoid the premium charges by booking in advance.

Call a heavy haulage company to learn more.