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3 Unusual Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Auto Glass

When thinking about the reasons why they may need to call an auto glass repair company, most people will probably imagine a scenario in which a rock or stone is kicked up by the car in front of them, striking their windshield and cracking or shattering the glass. However, this isn't the only way the glass in your car can be broken. Below is a guide to 3 unusual threat

Boost Your Employability With Vehicle Licences

Being employable is all about versatility: gaining a set of skills that can be used for a range of situations and occupations.  There are a variety of trade qualifications available if you're looking to up-skill, but some of the most useful qualifications are vehicle licences. From getting a truck licence to a forklift licence, the range of potential uses for dri

Top Signs Your Car Battery May Need Replacing

Why do today's cars need a battery to start? Well, this is because these cars are equipped with an electric starter, which obviously requires electricity to start. While batteries play an integral part when it comes to operation of a vehicle, lack of proper maintenance will surely shorten their lifespan. Luckily, batteries are one of those vehicle components that rare

Essential Maintenance for Your Vehicle's Headlights

Car servicing is critical for every vehicle. Nonetheless, a majority of motorists associate car servicing with ensuring that the major systems such as the engine, the brakes, and the transmission are in good working order. Although these components are critical, this does not mean you should ignore other elements. Undoubtedly, the headlights are one of the auto parts