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Boost Your Employability With Vehicle Licences

Being employable is all about versatility: gaining a set of skills that can be used for a range of situations and occupations.  There are a variety of trade qualifications available if you're looking to up-skill, but some of the most useful qualifications are vehicle licences. From getting a truck licence to a forklift licence, the range of potential uses for driving qualifications is extensive. You could work as a truck driver, on a construction site, or in a warehouse. Even taxi drivers require a specific kind of licence.

The benefit of getting a driving qualification is that the courses don't take long, and most of the required work is practical. Getting a new licence could be the perfect addition to your skill set.  

Heavy vehicle licence

A heavy vehicle licence is also known as a truck licence, but also covers other large vehicles such as road trains and agricultural vehicles. There are three types of heavy vehicle licence in most states: light/medium rigid, heavy rigid, and multi-combination. The multi-combination truck licence is the most versatile, and it is a great licence if you want to drive a range of heavy vehicles. Whether you want to be a trucker or help with agricultural work, getting a truck licence will increase your employability.

Taxi licence

Although start-ups such as Uber have made it easier for anyone to make money without a taxi licence, getting a taxi licence and working for a reputable company is a more profitable choice. These licences are not too difficult to get if you are already a qualified driver.

Forklift licence

A quick, easy course is all you need to take to get a forklift licence. If you're working at a storage facility such as a port or a warehouse, getting one of these qualifications will be a requirement for the job. A forklift licence will only apply to use on forklifts, but forklifts are used in a range of situations, so this licence is definitely worth having. For such little time and money to get a forklift licence, choosing to do this course will boost your employability for most kinds of physical work, from manufacturing to working in a warehouse.

Note that for all states of Australia, the legal requirements around licences are different. Do further research before settling on the type of licence you need, and remember that paying a little more for a more versatile, broadly applicable qualification is usually a good choice.