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3 Things You Should Never Do When Bleeding Brakes

If you have recently carried out repairs on your car's brake system, you may need to bleed air from the brake lines. If air remains in the lines, the brake fluid will not be compressed properly, and your brakes will be spongy and ineffective. While you may already know the steps you need to take to bleed the brakes on your vehicle, you may not be aware of the things you should avoid at all cost. Below is a guide to 3 things you should never do when bleeding the brake system.

Work on your own

Bleeding the brakes on your car is a two-person job. This is because while you are turning the bleed bolt which will allow for the removal of brake fluid from the system, you will also need to pump the brake pedal to drive the fluid through the lines. This is pretty much impossible to do solo as you cannot sit in the driver's seat while also operating the bleed bolt. When draining the brake system, you should ask a friend to sit in the car so they can pump the brake pedal while you operate the bleed bolt.

Use force to open a bleed valve

Sometimes, bleed valves may stick or may be difficult to open because you do not have access to the appropriate tools. You should never use excessive force or an improvised tool to open a bleed valve as this can result in serious damage which could destroy the valve. If a valve is very stiff, you should apply a little lubricating oil and leave it for a few hours. This will usually solve the problem. If the valve will still not open, you should contact an auto repair shop.

Bleed the brakes in random order

When bleeding a brake system, it is important that you do so in a systematic way. Ideally, you should always start the job by working on the wheels which are the greatest distance from the master cylinder. On most cars, this will mean that you start on the rear wheels. Once you have drained the rear brake lines, you can then work on the front wheels. By proceeding in this way, you can ensure that all of the air is removed from the system.

If you would like further information about brake repairs and maintenance on your vehicle, you should get in touch with an auto repair mechanic.