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Important Questions to Ask When Visiting a Wrecking Yard

A wrecker or wrecking yard is a great resource for finding car parts, either to save money versus the cost of new parts, or because you need something old, rare, or otherwise hard to find on store shelves. Visiting a wrecking yard is a bit different than visiting such a store, so note a few questions you might ask before you actually stop at such a location, to ensure

Beyond the Warning Light: Three Signs That An Alternator Repair or Rebuild Might Be Needed

Is it time for alternator repair? While a warning light is an obvious indicator is issues, there are many situations in which the warning light doesn't appear until the problem is extremely serious. You might think that you wouldn't know the other signs of alternator trouble unless you have an automotive background -- however, there are several signs that anyone can w

Why You Can Save More Money by Buying Premium Tyres

If you think about the amount of money that you spend on your automotive budget each year, you may have to sit down for a moment. In the average household across Australia, it's certainly a lot of money, and it's understandable that you're always looking for ways to cut back on those dollars. For example, the tyres on your vehicle may be nearing the end of their natur

Vehicle Tuning: Why Your Car's Exhaust Could Be Even More Important Than Its Engine

When it comes to vehicle performance, does your mind automatically turn to engine tuning, to see just how many horses you can coax out of your motor? At the same time, do you consider that the exhaust on your vehicle is simply something that takes out the rubbish, so to speak, with very little input into this equation? Perhaps you should think again and consider custo

3 Unusual Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Auto Glass

When thinking about the reasons why they may need to call an auto glass repair company, most people will probably imagine a scenario in which a rock or stone is kicked up by the car in front of them, striking their windshield and cracking or shattering the glass. However, this isn't the only way the glass in your car can be broken. Below is a guide to 3 unusual threat